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Sub Dub - Dancehall Malfunction

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John Ward

John's path to Sub Dub takes the technical route -- the one through the music studio -- over the machines, past the technicians, around the engineers…

He started as a radio DJ in high school, and continued DJing over the next six years, creating a show built on a freeform combination of mixed genres and the layering of music. In his shows, he usually kept four turntables, tape loops, and a number of different effects going at once. At the same time, he also helped found and assemble his college's first electronic music studio, and played blues harp and electric bass in a number of projects ranging from bluegrass to improv noise.

Moving to New York, he set out to learn from the experts and acquire as many technical skills as possible. He learned the remix trade at Sigma Sound in New York from Francois Kevorkian, John Luongo, Arthur Baker, Jonathan Fearing, Jellybean, and Shep Pettibone. His production models were notables Phil Ramone, Russ Titleman, and Daniel Lanois, among many others. His engineering and technical chops were acquired through years at Record Plant Remote, Unique Recording, Compass Point, and Sterling Sound, where he ascended to being the senior technician on staff. Over the years, he has worked with most major recording artists, having the good fortune to hear tracks slaved over on the radio and in clubs mere weeks later.

Along the way, his own music meandered through avant-noise-jazz to ambient, culminating in one track with Emil Schult (Kraftwerk). John has formed his own engineering and production company, Totally Killing It Productions. Besides Sub Dub, he has a hip hop/jazz collage project called Piano Concrete, an EP by Under the Sun, and electro-lounge pop band, and will be producing a spoken word/hip hop EP with Liquid Sound Lounge.