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Li Alin - All In

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Li Alin

Li Alin


Li Alin

After being saved from The Isle of the Dead, Li Alin went to play grand piano at the Westin Grand Hotel in Berlin. It was an extremely beautiful day of june, with a dying sun in a clear blue sky. Twenty years had passed since she had last touched a keyboard. She told the man who was playing standards in the lobby that she was canadian and missed her own piano very much. The gentleman invited Li to have a seat and she began to improvise. The surrounding public took notice and gathered to enjoy. A delighted old lady came up to her and asked who the composer was.

It was not surprising for those who knew Li Alin that this was the tale of her first public musical appearance.

Li can be like that at times, either supremely awake or subliminally asleep. She has said to me once that her music is always a dream that she tries to remember. You have to listen All in to understand what she means by that. In some ways the record is an accurate photo of 10 of those dreams. Her experiences showed, however, that her best music was never recorded and that you might have wished to be at the Westin Grand Hotel in Berlin when it happened.

Before exploring music she was obsessed by new technologies of reproduction. The Eugenic version of Life in a pharmacy. No more beds and penetrations. Just injections. Medical birth without pleasure. etc..
But , enough of that, she might want to jump again.

If you are interested to this subject she will be delighted to show you her animation film, her novel, performance, bill posting, website. etc..