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Fires Were Shot

Fires Were Shot


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From the womb of a West Texas landscape echoes the canyon-like reverberations of two guitars. Each note descends in a spiral of doom and joy, each melody unwinds like a head full of half-asleep epiphanies.
FiRES WERE SHOT is music for passages: music for waking, music for loving, music to be born by. The effects laden acoustic duo of John Wilkins and Clay Walton defies the simple categorization of ‘ambient’, though it certainly has an undeniable ambiance. It defies emotional logic as well; the songs are both sad and buoyant, all at once heartbreaking and healing.

FiRES WERE SHOT is a mesmerizing musical representation of driving in the wee hours of the morning, headed toward a promise, asphalt blurring, swiftly moving home.

'Gritty sounds, slowly enveloping drones, and acoustic guitars assembled in inviting, captivating and overwhelming stills ... it is rare that you will come across music as rich as this in its genre. Spine-chilling.'
— Phosphor Magazine