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Phil Crumar - As It Goes

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Phil Crumar

Phil Crumar


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A self-taught musician and emcee, Phil Crumar crafts his own distinct blend of hip-hop and left-field pop, highlighted on his 2000 debut EP As It Was (released on Asphodel). Currently headquartered in San Francisco, Crumar came up in the thriving Go-Go scene of Washington DC, honing his skills as a drummer before tackling full-on production and song composing. Crumar's highly original tracks merge thick-bodied beats, obscure keyboard freakouts, playful samples, occasional slack-key guitar, and random electronic nuances to craft a vibe that is simultaneously confusing and inviting. Phil's casual rhyme style suits his densely layered production perfectly, while top-shelf table-tamers Rob Swift and DJ Marz lend a hand on the decks.. . . . .