• About Asphodel
Asphodel is now closed.
Thank you for the love and support.

Mitzi Johnson
San Francisco
January, 2011

About Asphodel

Named after the mythological flower that grows along the banks of the River Styx in Hades, Asphodel has evolved into one of the most influential and artistically creative record labels in North America. Founded by Mitzi Johnson in 1992, it has been called "one of the ten labels that matter" by Rolling Stone. Since its inception, Asphodel has been a pioneer in the areas of turntablism, electronica, ambient, illbient, electroacoustic, trip hop, spoken word, noise, techno, and lounge, with a fiercely experimental thread running through its diverse catalog. In 1994 the San francisco-based label brought on Naut Humon as Head of A&R, firmly establishing Asphodel as one of the foremost champions of experimental music in all of its many expressions.