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antimatter is Xopher Davidson. "Our Lady of the Skies" is the second album by antimatter (who is Xopher Davidson). None more fitting a title could there be; "Our Lady of the Skies" is bass heavy, aggressive and at the same time pastoral. Heavy and repetitive, antimatter creates an album sounding not unlike Tangerine Dream, Michigan space/psych legends f/i and the better side of Bristol's mid-90's space rock scene. This, of course, is only a quick name drop so that hip record store clerks will know what to tell hip record buyers what is sort of, kind of sounds like "Our Lady of the Skies" was created using old tone generators, broken telephones, re-moded analog synths and something called a guitar. Its production is huge sounding, epic in scope. And by epic, we mean epic as in those long, panoramic scenes in Lawrence of Arabia or documentaries about Antarctica. "Our Lady of the Skies" is an intense, crushing blow followed by the warm fuzzies and sparkling lights that aren't really there.. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 2028
Release Date: September 1, 2005