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Miss You

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"Broker/Dealer's Ryan Fitzgerald and Ryan Bishop... make electronic music, pure and simple. In a scene glutted with copycat DJ acts and laptop button-pushers, the duo has carved out a niche by crafting bubbly, melodic techno unlike any other... . . . . ." - Phillip Sherburne, SF Weekly

"The dusky, restrained morning-song aesthetic pulses through most of their work... collecting padded layers of ambient dreamscapes as it bumps on, sounding like a group of faraway phantom disco queens on their way to work (it)." - Amanda Nowinski, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Broker/Dealer are making waves - tsunamis really, all over the music scene." - XLR8R

Equipped with an array of samplers, sequencers and vintage synthesizers, San Francisco wunderkinds Broker/Dealer make catchy minimal electronic music equally suited for the den or the dancefloor. Simultaneously channeling the aquatic dub of Berlin's Chain Reaction label and the genre-defining minimal techno of the Kompakt imprint, on their debut full-length, Initial Public Offering, B/D recalls German electronic artists like Mike Ink, not to mention Metro Area's innovative electro-disco.

Featuring subterranean basslines, ambient synth pads, dubby beats and interlocking pop melodies, Broker/Dealer's porous, punchy tracks and classy melodic nuances have been eliciting comparisons with the likes of early Mouse on Mars and Thomas Brinkmann since the release of their first 12" on the well-respected Cologne label, Traum Schallplatten, home to B/D heroes Akufen, Miss Dinkt and Phillipe Cam.

Having recently contributed a Process remix to the Traum artist's tribute record, Re-Processed, mixed by Doc Martin on the brand new Fabric 10 compilation, and anticipating an appearance on the Death Before Disco anthology (forthcoming from PrinceHouse), Broker/Dealer are receiving a phenomenal amount of well-deserved recognition for an outstanding young band at the beginning of a promising career.

Containing nine tracks, Initial Public Offering closes out with a gorgeous crossover remix of The Court and Spark's "To Hear The Fires."

Download "Feel Free" video from Initial Public Offering directed by Delray.
Included on IPO CD, free for downloading, viewable using Quicktime 6.

Catalog Number: ASP 2014
Release Date: January 1, 2003

Track Listing

  1. Take Your Time (6:11)
  2. Satin Jacket (6:37)
  3. On a Claire Day (6:43)
  4. Sun Struck (8:22)
  5. Feel Free (5:56)
  6. Can't Believe (7:16)
  7. Miss You (5:22)
  8. Every Other Sunday (7:10)
  9. To Hear the Fires (7:20)