Byzar - Beings From The B'yond Wythyn vol. 1

Beings From The B'yond Wythyn vol. 1 cover art


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All tracks written by Byzar: Acustyk (Org/analogues), Karthyk (violin/byn), Quantyk (algorydyms), Ylyptyk (flowfacylytation). Cover art via Miguel Diaz de Lopez. Type desing by Jav Michalski. . . . .

Vybe Chex: Laura Marie Williams, Karl Francke, onelovelucy, DJ Spooky, Cultural Alchemy, We, Sub Dub, Dr. Decent, Walter Worldwide & all the friendly ears and minds who enjoy the vybs.

Catalog Number: ASP 0104
Release Date: January 1, 1996

Track Listing

  1. Phylyx
  2. Tryphyn
  3. Skyrtyr
  4. Zyphyr