John Cage - Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music; 103

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We've now played the Winter Music quite a number of times. I haven't kept count.. . . . . When we first played it, the silences seemed very long and the sounds seemed really separated in space, not obscuring one another. In Stockholm, however, when we played it at the opera as an interlude in the dance program given by Merce Cunningham andCarolyn Brown early one October, I noticed that it had become melodic. --- John Cage

Catalog Number: ASP 2000
Release Date: January 1, 2000

Track Listing

  1. Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music (disk one) (76:55)
  2. Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music (disk two) (73:18)
  3. 103 (disk one) (30:14)
  4. 103 (disk two) (59:54)