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Outparis Kiss

DACM is a collaboration between the musician Peter Rehberg (Pita), and the singer Tujiko Noriko, whose songs bring softness and melody, and punctuate Stéréotypie with moments of solace. Stéréotypie is a choreographic and theatrical proposal which presents a world where setting and human bodies can belong to the same visual intention. This is a place where fiction permeates reality through the fantasy of perfection; where the friction between perfection and imperfection seems more attractive than ever.

As the body, seen as a draft, is made to strive towards perfection - the perfection of a dreamed body. This ideal, as a conglomeration of homemade fantasies, seems to unveil the limitations and the obsolescence of making a fantasy of physical and mechanical perfection come true, and also uncovers all the excitement attached to this fantasy, by fulfilling obsessions about norms and evenness together with a certain imperfection.. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 2027
Release Date: January 1, 2004