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Take Verthing

After bubbling up on labels like Ambush, Tresor, Warp ["Mercedes Bentley vs. Versace Armani"], Tigerbeat6 and Kool.Pop, following remixes for Tocotronic and collaborations with Peaches, with endorsements from The Bug's Kevin Martin, Paul PM, Kid 606 and DJ Scud, DIN-ST is ready to drop his debut full-length via Miami's celebrated Schematic label in tandem with their SF partners, Asphodel.

DIN-ST [Dynasty, aka DIN, aka DJ Maxximus, aka Fever, aka F. Stader] tips club culture over like a four-hundred-pound speaker cabinet, slicing party sounds into wild-style minimal/broken rave/bounce mash-ups. As Senator Joseph Biden's Rave Act receives Congressional approval, the party moves abroad, reborn under a Berlin overpass, sexy, broken, funky and punk. Empty factories are slathered in bootytrave shellac, and before it cakes onto aluminum sheeting, it's set on fire. Hip-hop steez work on P.L.U.R. sentiment under PA/laptop/turntable configurations.. . . . .

Catalog Number: SCH 041
Release Date: January 1, 2004

Track Listing

  1. CAN U HeAR Me ¿ 2m06s
  2. I can't STOP IT 1m50s
  3. Straight into Tokyo 3m05s
  4. OverloaD 3m44s
  5. Take verithing 2m28s
  6. 4 Souls 2m40s
  7. DREAD````````````'NAUGHT DUB 4m36s
  8. HeavenGARDE 3m37s
  9. ¿¿¿¿¿¿? 1m01s
  10. U MAKE ME 3m47s
  11. @ Kim's 22m44s