DJ Spooky - Songs of a Dead Dreamer

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The CD package includes several essays by DJ Spooky.. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 0961
Release Date: January 1, 1996

Track Listing

  1. Intro 1m02s
  2. The Vengeance of Galaxy 5 1m12s
  3. Phase Interlude 3m23s
  4. Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti Mix) 6m48s
  5. Hologrammic Dub 7m05s
  6. Dance of the Morlocks 1m00s
  7. Juba 5m24s
  8. Thoughts Like Rain 5m41s
  9. Anansi Abstrakt 11m35s
  10. Grapheme 10m52s
  11. Phase Interlude Pt. 2 1m06s
  12. Nihilismus Dub 4m13s
  13. The Terran Invasion of Alpha Cantauri Year 2794 6m32s
  14. Time Out of Joint 1m06s
  15. High Density 6m31s
  16. Outtro 0m20s