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The Orange Field

Dino Felipe is the Charley Patton of electronica. If the Mississippi Delta blues never had a player with quite the same slip-and-slide frenzy as Patton, then Atlanta might never have a more half-crazed, dot-matrix funk-face than Felipe. Felipe's music has the soulful brokedown jams that stand to make him the seminal voice of our generation's economic collapse. Felipe's music is the glorious epitome of the home-made sound: anarchistically cluttered, cigarette-burned, and hyper from cheap coffee: every speck of lonely life digitized and made into a WAV file. Felipe can turn a gluttonous mess of industrial samples, Moog-noises, disco breaks, and satanic-style backmasking into a heroic tribute to modern life: our freeways, vacant lots, disposal bins full with discarded PC towers, stretch limos with teenagers inside, and lots of commercials-it's all there in Felipe's sound. "I'm You" is the honest truth. He turns our thoughts into sound.. . . . .

Catalog Number: SCH 039
Release Date: January 1, 2004

Track Listing

  1. 3.97 coast
  2. you've wrecked me
  3. uVVu & climb
  4. a peach bump with friends
  5. nemethesis (part 2)
  6. the skinny effect
  7. duostrux
  8. steamy halls
  9. neck
  10. punk on 32nd
  11. body shop
  12. wood parc
  13. chairsex (copper)
  14. portable shape
  15. the orange field
  16. Grab 98
  17. 8 x 1942
  18. galk and toth
  19. alternator, coolant, antifreeze
  20. all the aluminum i could have
  21. Georgia
  22. mindspring@sealevel
  23. ride/speech
  24. molinas' girl
  25. rattle-car outro
  26. eh-eh,eh