Badawi - The Heretic of Ether

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Fatal Confrontation (The Death of Gashka Gavor)

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Catalog Number: ASP 0992
Release Date: September 1, 1999

Track Listing

  1. Intro 1m17s
  2. Tired Soldiers 5m44s
  3. A Voice from Six Corners 2m49s
  4. Santur 1m16s
  5. Enter the Heretic 3m58s
  6. Fatal Confrontation (The Death of Gashka Gavor) 1m29s
  7. Entrance 3m23s
  8. Arrival 5m57s
  9. Fatal Confrontation (Gashka Meets the Gate Keeper) 1m34s
  10. Welcoming 5m23s
  11. Falling 3m11s
  12. Fatal Confrontation (Revisited) 2m10s
  13. Return of the Heretic 6m11s
  14. Awakening 4m45s