Shapeshifter - Reticulum Flux

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Trash Compactor

Shapeshifter is Malcolm Goodman. Recticulum Flux is the Shapeshifter album.. . . . .

The music is possessed, like a Korean skyscraper ghosted by the murder of a computer virus hacked to pieces with an Apple G3. Shapeshifter has mined some seriously dark trench in hell to provide bloodless material for this aural demon. The spirit of early-model electronic abstraction holds sway over Shapeshifter's glass tower; Ussachevsky hovers and Xenakis spooks. The inevitable exorcism happens halfway through the album, in a schism of ambient drone and human breath that stutters with a keyboard death-rattle and a low bass that nearly tears apart speaker cones. Then the poltergeist is let loose, and the album runs amok. Sound files collide and spit bits in a splinter of cellular corruption. Elongated double-helixes of noise mutate in hybrids of disorganic flow. It's all very frightening and impressive.

Catalog Number: SCH 038
Release Date: February 22, 2005

Track Listing

  1. Propulsion Barriers
  2. Trash Compactor
  3. Cybernetic Cataclysm
  4. Convergence of the Antediluvian Vessel
  5. Windtunnel
  6. Acheron Sector
  7. Breathtank
  8. Orbifold
  9. Centered Within Chaos
  10. Weightless