Rob Swift - The Ablist

The Ablist cover art


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Produced by Rob Swift. Scratches by Rob Swift. Arranged by Rob Swift. Engineered by Liz Mercado. Recorded at Powerplay studios. Published by Swift Tracks Music (BMI).. . . . .

Desing by Enrique Candioti. Photography by John Carluccio. Cover concept by John Carluccio and Enrique Candioti

Catalog Number: ASP 0116
Release Date: January 1, 1998

Track Listing

  1. The Ablist (original)
  2. The Ablist (instrumental)
  3. The Ablist (remix)
  4. The Ablist (instrumental remix)
  5. The Ablist (acapella)
  6. All That Scratching (original)
  7. All That Scratching (instrumental)
  8. All That Scratching (acapella)