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antimatter vs antimatter is the debut Asphodel full-length of Bay Area sound artist mixture 151, AKA antimatter. Featuring seventeen tracks of classic Powerbook based-DSP interpretations of selections from antimatter's own discography, antimatter vs antimatter is both a career overview and a remix record. Incorporating elements of musique concrete, sampled loops and haunting guitar drones, antimatter vs antimatter's eclectic sound sources and spacious arrangements will recall the sounds of Christian Fennesz and Einsturzende Neubauten alike. Previous full-lengths include 2002's pulsating wave and drone collaboration with Polish sound artist Zbigniew Karkowski, Function Generator, on Portugal's SIRR imprint, 1999's Transfixion on Artifact Records, as well as various compilation appearances including antimatter's remix of Iannis Xenakis' Persepolis on 2002's Persepolis + Remixes Edition 1 and the critically-acclaimed Asphodel anthology, 1996's Storm of Drones.. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 2010
Release Date: March 25, 2003

Track Listing

  1. Bell Housing 35s
  2. Licht 2m37s
  3. Low Pass 4m13s
  4. Auxiliary 6m00s
  5. Phosphor 3m22s
  6. Transistor 2m29s
  7. Agit Prop 3m14s
  8. Rostrum 4m46s
  9. Rangefinder 6m56s
  10. Gilded Pallor 2m36s
  11. Deturn 4m22s
  12. Red Wind 3m26s
  13. Garage Queen 3m20s
  14. Ember 3m17s
  15. Debris Specialist 34s
  16. Demodulator 5m36s
  17. Slow Light 4m56s