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Wounded Man' Yo #36-7

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"Yasunao Tone has found a way out. He might be the first Saint of the Fucked-With CD." - Kenneth Goldsmith, New York Press . . . . .

"Tone's ideas about sound and how it moves in space are always worth listening to." - Neil Strauss, The New York Times

"...its been many years since such ugly music sounded so original." - Kyle Gann, the Village Voice

Yasunao Tone's near-half century's worth of work links contemporary electronic music with the historical avant-garde. One of the founding members of Japan's Fluxus Movement and an early associate of Yoko Ono and the late John Cage, 67 year-old New York resident Yasunao Tone has been composing experimental sound pieces since the early 1960s. A member of Japan's first computer art group, Team Random, who programmed Univac mainframes to perform Tone's own compositions, Tone has maintained a lifelong fascination with manipulating technology for his own musical ends.

Tone's first composition using CD players, the appropriately titled "Music for 2 CD Players," made its NEA-sponsored debut in 1982. Not long thereafter, Tone began composing pieces based on overriding the error-correction systems of consumer CD players in order to generate new strings of random digital sound. A pioneer in the use of prepared CDs, Tone first scratched his own self-described "wounded" scotch tape and pinhole-punctured compact disc in 1985.

With previous works performed by John Cage, commissions on behalf of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, installations at 1990's Venice Biennale, and 1993's Whitney Biennale, and releases on the Lovely Music (Musica Iconologos) and Tzadik labels (Solo For Wounded CD), Tone makes his Asphodel debut with this new full-length recording of intensely visceral, conceptual noise. Ars Electronica's 2002 Golden Nica Award winner, Tone will be performing at April's Autechre-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the UK.

Catalog Number: ASP 2011
Release Date: March 25, 2003

Track Listing

  1. Wounded Man'yo 2/2000 (10:19)
  2. Wounded Man'yo #36-7 (13:08)
  3. Wounded Soutai Man'yo (30:12)