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My Low-Chuned Banjo

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Welcome to the virtual country! This album no less reflects the inner space of a hobo easy rider than the outer space surrounding him. So it reminds me of a film by Monte Hellman, The Shooting, which is regarded as one of the strangest Western Movies in the late 60s. Like this film (endless Road Movie), Country Gazette will take us to nowhere on the banjo sound. We can hear various intoxicated ambient sounds of a banjo from this disc. This record owes a lot to Stereolab Series of Vanguard label and is especially inspired by John Faye. He composed many requiems (great collage sounds) for his familiar people. Country Gazette is also a requiem but for all kinds of the 20th popular music.. . . . .

-- Mikado Koyanagi

Catalog Number: ASP 0982
Release Date: January 1, 1997

Track Listing

  1. Introduction (1:15)
  2. Good Red Road (2:50)
  3. The Lonely Driver 1952 (5:21)
  4. Country Sad Ballad Man (1:47)
  5. Loser's Lounge (3:17)
  6. Old Man Blues (3:36)
  7. Loving Spoonful (3:26)
  8. Billy Strange Country (6:38)
  9. My Low-Chuned Banjo (3:34)
  10. 900 Miles From Home (2:19)
  11. Silent Homecoming (3:47)
  12. Hollyville Train (5:23)
  13. Montage: Lonesome Hobo-Land (8:52)
  14. Cowboys Don't Cry (Hank Williams Lost Lyrics) (3:05)