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"I originated in 1954 a music constructed from the principle of indeterminism; two years later I named it "stochastic music." The laws of the calculus of probabilities entered composition through musical necessity… But other paths also let to the same stochastic crossroad -- first of all, natural events such as the collision of hail or rain with hard surfaces, or the song of cicadas in a summer field. These sonic events are made out of thousands of isolated sounds; this multitude of sounds, seen as a totality, is a new sonic event. This mass event is articulated and forms a plastic mold of time, which itself follows aleatory and stochastic laws. If one then wishes to form a large mass of point-notes, such as string pizzicati, one must know these mathematical laws, which in any case, are no more than a tight and concise expression of a chain of logical reasoning… "

-- Iannis Xenakis, from Formalized Music, 1955

This release of Kraanerg contains extensive liner notes from Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky.. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 0975
Release Date: January 1, 1997

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  1. Kraanerg (73:56)