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Eden Ahbez: Full Moon

Hot Butter: Skokian

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"… brilliantly plunges the psychotic depths of music culture." -- Blender

"It would take a lifetime of garage sales to assemble another collection to rival this quirky compilation." -- Paper

"Pure and simple fun. Catastrophes of aural experimentation, one time wonders and genre bending… puts the weirdness in your ears." -- Raygun

"Bizarro-world stuff never likely to come your way in any other form." -- Rolling Stone

"perversely captivating." -- Option

"Incredibly Strange Music , a catalog of the wackiest discs ever made, goes where few audiophiles have gone before." -- Entertainment Weekly

"The ultimate party album." -- Philadelphia City Paper

From early on I developed a sense of humor about records and music that weren't necessarily 'cool'. Starting in the 9th grade, I got so fed up with radio that I began buying records just on the basis of which covers looked the most interesting. Thrift store singles broadened me even more. My tastes continued to widen; I'm always looking for that left-field idea that would help make my own songs different…

I keep expanding and discovering more and more sounds; I blunder into new things. Hybrids and blends are the most intriguing, especially when they're unintentional. Part of the reason I search for weird rock-ethnic-experimental musical hybrids is: they inspire me to come up with new material. The more bent and unexpected, the better -- you never know what you may find, and what sort of catalyst/inspiration it could be. If you want to get into the weirdest of the weird, you have to take chances. For those who stay curious, there are always new frontiers…

-- Jello Biafra, quoted from the book Re/Search #15: Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. II. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 0951
Release Date: January 1, 1995

Track Listing

  1. Hot Butter : Skokian (2:14)
  2. Bob McFadden & Dor : The Mummy (2:01)
  3. The Nirvana Sitar & String Group : The Letter (1:51)
  4. Lucia Pamela : Walking On The Moon (3:07)
  5. Ken Nordine : Flesh (1:32)
  6. Billy Mure : Chopsticks Guitar (2:28)
  7. Myrtle K Hilo : Lover\'s Prayer (2:37)
  8. Russ Garcia & His Orchestra : Delicado (3:28)
  9. Del Close, John Brent : Introduction (1:15)
  10. Jean-Jacques Perrey : Gossipo Perpetuo (2:08)
  11. Eden Ahbez : Full Moon (1:32)
  12. Ken Nordine : Green (2:55)
  13. Harry Breuer : Bumble Bee Bolero (2:11)
  14. Marcy : Join The Gospel Express (1:27)
  15. Les Baxter : Terror (3:17)
  16. Ken Nordine : Yellow (1:32)
  17. Rusty Warren : 1st Song/Opening Monologue (3:02)