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FE-MAIL, MAJA RATKJE and HILD SOFIE TAFJORD, have crafted a site-specific survey of the chaparrals of noise music.. . . . . As half of the Scandinavian female improv quartet, SPUNK, they began to adapt their mediums of french horn and voice to multiple formats for musical arrangements. In working for film, installation, studio, and performance they began to evolve their musical process to a compulsive physical act, opposing their standards. Exposure to distorted live sampling and field recordings allowed MAJA and HILD to grab the limit and make it their instrument. Through synched communication and developed improvisation, their project further evolved into their newest release for Asphodel, Blixter Toad. This two disc set is best described as the taxonomic designation of feminine conviction through gadgetry and acoustic archaeology. Two embryonic visual studies (videos) by MASAKO TANAKA are included, featuring shot surveillance from the live sessions for the recording of Blixter Toad. The chromatic genus of the species call is best known by its vocal sac that blows up like a balloon and bellows "scheweeeeeeeee" riffs. Their cut up crescendos of piercing frequencies appear like rattle snakes you find under the rocks, as you search for a jewel-encrusted music box, unsure if they'll poison you or cure you. A voice screams like an effected guitar in the distance, reminding you to come home from the thicket before the animals become more aggressive. Blixter Toad's final track coalesces into the Sunday morning dew collecting on the surface of FE-MAIL'S electro-acoustic lily-pads.

"Certainly one of the most bizarre releases heard in recent days, Blixter Toad, a two-disc set by SPUNK members Maja Ratkje and Sofie Tafjord collaborating under the Fe-Mail guise, distills mutant noise-mongering, hard drive convulsions, haunted voices, and assorted other alien syntax into fifteen set-pieces (and two videos by Masako Tanaka) that are enigmatic, to put it mildly, yet never anything less than interesting" - Textura

Catalog Number: ASP 2033
Release Date: April 7, 2006

Track Listing

  1. Belonging 11:58,
  2. Navrattan Korma 9:44,
  3. Interlude 1 1:25,
  4. Samba Furore 8:35,
  5. Interlude 2 1:43,
  6. The Horizontal Density of Humanity 6:47,
  7. Interlude 3 2:22,
  8. The Vertical Pit of Machines 4:56
  9. It Becomes Her 6:56,
  10. In Den Schonen Gruen Wald 6:05,
  11. Pretty Song 9:06,
  12. Pretty Ugly Song 2:56,
  13. After the Rain 8:11,
  14. Rockabilly 8:37,
  15. Ballad 13:28
  16. After the Rain - VIDEO
  17. It Becomes Her - VIDEO