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Portland, Oregon’s Daniel Menche is a sound artist whose credo is straightforward and distinct.. . . . .

 Since his first release, “Incineration” in 1993, the works of Portland-based sound artist Daniel Menche have often been portrayed as that of just one more dogmatic purveyor of harsh and horrible power electronics. Simply lumping him in with noise behemoths such as Merzbow and Aube, however, is a mistake. Menche himself would balk at such terminology being applied to his work, preferring to see himself as a sound sculptor, trading in the currencies of order and cohesiveness as opposed to chaos. His is a quest for ‘vehement beauty’; to put it in his own words, “to interpret and convey through pure sound and music the forceful emotions found externally in nature and the deep internal emotions of humanity.”  

Daniel Menche is usually known for towering infernos of densely droning layers of incinerating sound . For his new "CONCUSSIONS" project the sonic stakes are even taken further into a relentless world of the propulsive pulse, Powerful, poly-rhythmic percussives pound and merge together into an intense avalanche of overdriven noise blasts that actually rock hypnotically in a periodic way seldom heard before. This ain't no drum circle to be sure and fans of the recent Boredoms material or the primitive metal banging from Einsturzende Neubauten / Test Department industrial strength era will be pummeled by an accelerated experience with this opus... Daniel takes the perpetual beat engine of 49 locomotives and rides down the 20 untitled tracks and stampedes off a cliff. This is the true METAL! Flex your muscles!

"It’s the feeling of being victimized as much as being victorious." - Stylus Magazine

"Interestingly, though the churning Concussions generally makes Reich's Drumming seem a microsound outing by comparison, Menche's drumming patterns move in and out of sync with one another in a manner that's not wholly unlike its renowned precursor." - Textura

Catalog Number: ASP 2031
Release Date: April 7, 2006

Track Listing

  1. CD1 Track 01 (8:26)
  2. CD1 Track 02 (2:33)
  3. CD1 Track 03 (2:29)
  4. CD1 Track 04 (8:26)
  5. CD1 Track 05 (7:49)
  6. CD1 Track 06 (11:20)
  7. CD1 Track 07 (4:52)
  8. CD1 Track 08 (8:03)
  9. CD1 Track 09 (3:15)
  10. CD2 Track 01 (3:04)
  11. CD2 Track 02 (1:44)
  12. CD2 Track 03 (7:43)
  13. CD2 Track 04 (8:16)
  14. CD2 Track 05 (11:56)
  15. CD2 Track 06 (3:31)
  16. CD2 Track 07 (6:05)
  17. CD2 Track 08 (2:14)
  18. CD2 Track 09 (7:08)
  19. CD2 Track 10 (3:14)
  20. CD2 Track 11 (2:09)