Datacide - Flowerhead

Flowerhead cover art

Formerly available only in a tiny edition of 500 on Atom Heart’s Rather Interesting label, this meeting of A.H. and Tetsu Inoue is one of the pinnacle releases in the whole German ambient scene from the early/mid 1990s. Those who know it even speak of it in tones more reverent than those normally reserved for the better-known FAX releases. What you get here is slow, spaced-out, trippy sound that goes on for over an hour, never dissatisfying. Occasionally, a slow-mo dubby groove will develop, only to dissipate like something being caught up in a gentle breeze and blown away. One title here seems to sum it all up: ‘Sixties Out of Tune’...and that’s not a bad descriptor, as it all sounds like some ultra-relaxed thing that would be more in place at some stoned gathering, playing quietly on some stereo in another room. A benchmark release from 1995; if anyone wants to hear psychedelic ambient, “Deep Chair” is worth the price of admission alone.. . . . .

Catalog Number: ASP 0964
Release Date: August 13, 1996

Track Listing

  1. Flashback Signal
  2. Flowerhead
  3. Deep Chair
  4. So Much Light
  5. Sixties Out of Tune