Daniel Menche and KK Null - Raijin

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Raijin, five untitled tracks constructed by noise artists Daniel Menche and KK Null, hit like a violent storm in this electrically charged collaboration by two masters of dense sound sculpture. Like Raijin and Fujin, Shinto Gods of thunder and lightning, Menche and Null command attention with the ability
to create a powerful sensory presence.. . . . . Their treatment of drum, voice, trumpet and electronics roars and tumbles through these collating waves of noise and electro-acoustic ambience. Menche’s thunderous drums resonate like a shockwave as Null’s lightning sheds light upon those seeking shelter on land.

Each armed with a penchant for sonic destruction and a massive discography, Menche’s concussions pound between Null’s electronic noise terror. These five unnamed and unstable atmospheres manifest absolute pure thunder!

Catalog Number: ASP 2035
Release Date: October 24, 2006

Track Listing

  1. 1 5:44
  2. 2 14:02
  3. 3 6:04
  4. 4 13:30
  5. 5 15:11